Social Media and Content Marketing Tips


#1 Make a plan and schedule

One key thing I always say to my clients is sit down and make a plan, look at what is coming up and key events and how you can link into these. Decide what blogs you want to write, top line social you want to share and maybe even write some of your tweets/posts.

Use a scheduling system to help you manage your baseline posts so you always have content and then add to this with reactive posts as and when something you feel will be relevant to your audience.

#2 Doesn’t have to all be about business

One of the main misconceptions about social media for businesses is that it has to be very formal and all about the sell! Wrong…some of the most successful businesses on social media actually go down the road of being personal and funny. People buy from people and if you let your customers know who you are and put a face to the business you will find that they want to engage with you and you will gain their trust.

Anyone can sell products and why should your customer buy from you and not the guy down the road? Trust! Liven it up a bit, make your content relevant, funny and engaging.

#3 Make your posts right for your audience

When posting make sure it is relevant to your audience and write in a tone that will engage them and they will understand. If you reshare a post from someone else make sure you edit it to fit in with your business and clients.

#4 Share Images

Everyone loves images and using imagery along with your tweets/posts helps increase engagement.  You are more likely to get a higher click through rate on a post with imagery than those without.

#5 Share your content more than once

Sharing your blog post more than once helps increase traffic and reach new followers.

Sharing your content through multiple social media channels allows you to reach people from around the world, if your content is good, relevant and interesting then it will be shared, favourited and retweeted, the possibilities are endless!

Most content you produce has longevity and is still relevant months after you first published it.  Also any new followers you have since you originally posted will be seeing it for the first time.

#6 Blogs don’t have to be an essay

Writing a blog post doesn’t need to be war and peace, the idea behind a blog is sharing something you find interesting or are passionate about and guess what if you do then so will your readers.

It can even be about a day in the life of or something you saw and wanted to share with your readers/customers. Have fun with it!


Remember have fun with it, it’s called social for a reason!

If you need any help or guidance then don’t hesitate to contact me.





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