Virtual Assistant

So what is a Virtual Assistant?

Wikipedia’s definition of a VA:
A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant)[1] is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office

Advantages of using a Virtual Assistant

Are you overwhelmed running your business? Are there not enough hours in the day? Perhaps   you just need a one off job doing and don’t want to hire a permanent member of staff to do this. That’s where Saddleworth Virtual Assistant comes in.

As your business grows you need to be spending more time generating more business and less time doing administrative jobs, you may not need a full time, or even part time employee but just require someone to do the odd occasional administrative or project job.

Then you need to think about if you have a permanent member of staff what employer’s responsibilities there are. For example employees are entitled to sick pay, maternity leave and paid holiday and often seek generous benefits packages. By employing someone as a member of staff you can more or less double their salary straight away when you add up all the benefits.

If you are small business or just starting out there are other significant factors for you to think about and that is loss of privacy and space – are you working from home or have limited office space? You may not want an employee working from your home?

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you had a business assistant that was always ready to work for you, but only when you need them? Providing secretarial services from their own home or office, using their own equipment? Meet the Virtual Assistant (VA), an invaluable new work force that provides a practical solution for small businesses owners. A VA frees up your valuable time so you can concentrate on the important things that only you can do in your business.

There is no need to share office space or even for your VA to live in the same town or city. Work assignments are communicated through email; telephone, post and web-based tools such as instant messengers and online calendars and planners are also often used as a means of keeping in touch.

So now you know what a VA is and how they can help you save money and move your business forward then click here and find out who Saddleworth Virtual Assistant are and what services we can provide.